Live Healthier and
Feel Better!



Healthy Pontiac, We Can! is a group with members from local hospitals, mental health agencies, human service agencies, schools, churches, community members and government. 



Healthy Pontiac, We Can! wants to help the Pontiac community eat healthy, get active, and live tobacco-free.



Healthy Pontiac, We Can! asked residents what they do to be healthy and what they need from their community to be healthy. Looking at these answers and other available information, the group wrote a plan to support residents needs in eating healthier, moving more, and avoiding tobacco in Pontiac.

Connecting Residents to Resources

Healthy Pontiac, We Can! health care partners want you to know where to get low-cost or free services in Pontiac. We can tell you where to go to exercise for free. We can tell you where to get fresh, low-costs foods. When your doctor tells you to eat healthy or exercise more, you will know where to go! It will help you live healthier and feel better.


Visit a Low Cost Produce Market in Pontiac

Healthy Pontiac, We Can! wants shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables on a budget to be easy for you to do! Local produce markets are open year round and accept SNAP/Bridge cards making it easy to buy quality produce the entire family will enjoy for a good price. Healthy Pontiac, We Can! holds free recipe demo and sample days at each market throughout the year. Check out our calendar to find out when we'll be on-site to give you fresh ideas to add new foods to your dinner table!


Getting Active in Pontiac

Looking for fun ways to stay active? Or are you just starting to move more? The Catch Ya! Physical Activity Challenge lets you try out new activities and win prizes to keep you going. With the help of our partners, Healthy Pontiac, We Can! has organized walking clubs and classes designed to get you to try new ways to get moving and meet other residents who want to stay active too. The more times we Catch ya @ our events, the more chances you have to win!


After School Programs Get Shaped Up

Healthy Pontiac, We Can! has worked with our After School partners at the Baldwin Center and Pontiac School District to help them get their kids more active while in their care. These programs use the Coordinated Approach To Child Health (CATCH) program to create fun gym time that gets everyone's heart rate up and learn about "Go, Slow, and Whoa!" foods.