Healthy Pontiac, We Can! Partners

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson supports and promotes initiatives, organizations and events that improve quality of life through healthier and more active lifestyles. Oakland County's Health Division formed the Healthy Pontiac, We Can! (HPWC) coalition in 2011 to help Pontiac residents gain access to healthy food, become active, and live tobacco free. The coalition includes a diverse group of primary and preventative healthcare professionals, mental health experts, human service agency specialists, educators, clergy, government leaders, and local residents.

HPWC is a diverse coalition that includes leaders in primary and preventive health care, mental health, human service agencies, education, the religious community, government and local residents. We are an informal group that encourages sharing of current projects, learning opportunities and resources related to our goals. No single group or agency can make a community healthy—so much more can happen by working together. Partnering on planning, promotion and funding helps make our resources work smarter. These qualities are essential in today’s environment and help us focus on improving the quality of life in Pontiac.

Getting involved with HPWC is an excellent way to network with other agencies, organizations and community members. New partners are always welcome. Come to our monthly meeting, sign up for our email updates and become an active member today.

Learn more about HPWC by contacting [email protected] to learn how we can all work together!

Partner Organizations: