Bringing Health into Local Schools


Kids learn better when they are healthy! Healthy Pontiac, We Can! is working with local schools to improve nutrition and physical activity outcomes in school-aged children in the city of Pontiac. Interventions include implementing smarter lunchroom strategies to promote healthy food options, working with physical education teachers to increase activity levels in gym class, and bringing "brain breaks" and other physical activities into the classroom. 

Pontiac School District physical education teachers participated in the evidence-based training, Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH), in March of 2016 to enhance the amount of physical activity their students were receiving during regular gym periods. The primary goal of CATCH is to increase the amount of moderate-to-vigorous activity during class time for all students. After participating in the training, teachers were provided with $2,000 worth of new equipment to help implement the strategies learned at the training.

See below for before and after photos of International Technology Academy's  lunchroom transformation!

Local School Partnerships Include:
  • Alcott Elementary
  • Herrington Elementary
  • International Technology Academy
  • Michigan School for the Arts
  • Owen/Kennedy Elementary
  • Pontiac Middle School
  • Pontiac High School
  • Rogers Elementary
  • Webber Media Arts Academy